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Building on Christmas 2014's successful 'Get the Hint Darling' campaign, we carried work forward for GHD through our partnership with Greenlight Digital in the run up to Christmas 2015. 

Our range of work spanned multiple market segments and demogs, the main thrust of which was to encourage giftees to hint to gifters about what ghd goods they wanted for Christmas. We phased our campaign with progressive messaging from October 2015 right through to the January sales.

A particular highlight of the campaign was some video based dynamic display that we made, which performed exceptionally well. This retargeted creative drew in product according to cookie based browsing data, showing a viewer a specific product they may have abandoned. For a relatively small media buy, it performed exceptionally well.

And we smashed it. ghd sold out of advertised product before Christmas 2015. From 38m impressions we beat our CTR target by 95%, our CPA target by 19% and our sales target by 25%.

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