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In the Pipeline

by Josh

We have some fantastic projects coming up that we would love to share, and our designers are especially excited about the overhaul of, which is an online crowdsourcing platform that specializes within the gambling industry. Although Gamcrowd have been up and running in a 'BETA' version, data analytics show, that buyers and sellers of services are finding it difficult to make transactions. Thus leading to Gamcrowd itself having a poor conversion rate. In an open marketplace such as a crowdsourcing platform, it is essential for the user’s journey to follow a smooth process, if not, users may become frustrated with the experience and take their potential skills or job offers to one of the many other marketplaces out there.

The Gamcrowd platform needs a complete reevaluation in order to restore trust with their users and increase conversation rates, with an easy to use marketplace, for people with skills and potential work alike. Some of the problems we encountered Gamcrowd’s platform were:

  • - An unintuitive user interface, poor navigation system and lack of CTA’s, which made it difficult for people to browse the site and reach their intended use without getting lost along the way
  • - No clear user proposition
  • - Which leads to a lack of general concept, purpose and message
  • - And a bit of a dull look and feel, with little use of strong imagery

Many of these factors lead to a potential loss of users, therefore Yellow Digital are overseeing the look and feel and general visual aesthetic of the platform to create a more engaging user interface with a fluid user experience. We’ve teamed up with user experience specialists, X8, who have a UX team here in London.

We are 4 weeks into the project and wireframe prototypes are almost ready to be turned into beautiful designs by our Yellow Digital design team. Watch this space, and we’ll update you with the end product!

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